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At It Takes a Village Preschool, they enjoy; pajama days, play-based programming, pre-printing and early literacy, painting, recess and crafts.


​​At It Takes a Village programs, we have a philosophy of inclusion where we highly value supporting all children. We hold spots in our Kindergarten specifically for PUF funded children to be supported by shared Educational Assistants and therapies. This inclusive model significantly benefits every child in our class developing empathy, flexible thinking, patience and providing opportunities for extra supports in our classroom. We are blessed to high adult to child ratio.

Universal Classroom Supports

Many students and their families have benefited from universal classroom supports and sessions with our OT to help with sensory sensitivities or challenges. Strategies are provided to better cope with their sensitivities to sound, light, temperature, texture, clothing and so on. These students have also experienced success and positive outcomes with increased attention and focus and the ability to relax and enjoy their surroundings both at school and home/community as they become more regulated.

Early Childhood Intervention

All children who attend It Takes a Village Preschool or Kindergarten are screened through our Early Childhood Intervention program each September. Screenings take place during the first few days/weeks of school with individual or group therapy sessions and support provided for those children who require it.

Kindergarten Programming

Kindergarten only: Family Christmas Open House, taking the bus to attend a live ballet performance (The Nutcracker, by Bach Tots), End of the Year family party. As well as In School Field Trips: Live Reptiles/Live Bugs, I Am Unique, Healthy Me!, etc. All enriched experiences are included in the yearly fee with no extra costs throughout year.

Hands on Science

In our Kindergarten, we have hands on scientific study, observation and experiments including hatching butterflies, chicks and ducklings (full 21 day hatching cycle plus observing the chicks for 2 weeks) which our preschool enjoys and learns from as well.

Play Based Programming

It Takes a Village programs have rich early literacy and numeracy, play based experiences, immersion in music, physical literacy, gross motor, imaginative play and much more!

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